Best & Top Fashion brand LAROLE

Best & Top Fashion brand

Hey girls are you looking for stylish dresses in your range then you must try affordable party dresses of the best and top brand LAROLE. Larole have very nice collections of the very best new designer brands ready-to-wear, casual/edgy apparels, leather bags & accessories so just wear it, Love it… Get Lost in Style!

Best & Top Fashion brand

LAROLE a growing fashion brand located in New York City. Their styles are designed to follow the latest fashion trends and are made from high quality fabrics. Their aim is to provides you affordable apparel, handbags and accessories that looks and feel amazing. Your beautiful figure will be perfectly presented by their high quality fabrics and accessories.

They provides the best quality work  and the styles are also designed to follow the latest fashion trends and are made from high quality fabrics. They are the leader of fashion. For the best prices and the best selection of styles when it comes to clothing and leather handbags, Larole has got you covered! And the best offer from LAROLE  is the get 30% off on all the latest fashion clothing to use this promo code : LR30. dress
Please must visit for more beautiful dresses like party dresses, fashion latest clothing, sexy trendy clothes and much more.. They are famous for unique detailing and new styles with high quality fabrics.

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Best & Top Fashion brand

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We Are Better Together

Would you want your child to grow up in an environment where 39% of them didn’t even have access to clean water? Drinking unclean water contaminated with faeces can lead to horrific diseases such as cholera causing severe dehydration through diarrhea and even death.

In a world where malnutrition is common place and less than one-fourth of them have access to adequate sanitation facilities.

A place where one in eight children will not reach their fifth birthday!

280,000 orphans with no hope or no future.

Young ones forced to work in exploitative and dangerous conditions.

Schools are undersupplied and overcrowded with up to one hundred students per classroom.

This is life for a child in Togo, a small country in West Africa. It has a long history of human rights abuse and political unrest, as well as being one of the poorest countries in the world.

Many poor families in Togo’s rural areas migrate to towns and cities like the capital, Lomé, in search of employment and a better way of life. They bring with them their children. What awaits them isn’t what they hoped for with the vast majority falling into desperate poverty. They end up living in makeshift shacks, creating a veritable hub of disease.

I want to help the children of Togo! Can you help me?

My name’s Fidelia and the thought of what these children are going through shakes me to my core. I want to do something about this. I’m raising funds to provide poor and homeless children with food and school supplies.

I want to help them to make a life instead of just becoming another statistic.

I’m so focused on this task that I’m currently starting my own charitable organization whose mission is to focus on educating children and helping to support women in the poorest areas of Togo.

At the end of this year I will be visiting Togo. Your support can make my visit significant to those in need.

This won’t just be a donation that you never hear anything about. I will be documenting my journey with photographs and videos so you can see exactly where your kind donations will go.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I genuinely hope you will consider donating and sharing the link.

Let’s make a difference!



Help spread the word!

Tepuy Activewear

69a83412Tepuy Activewear is a vibrant, fashion-forward U.S. brand committed to high-quality, durability and performance. “Our designs, inspired by our South American roots, are bright, colorful and full of energy, expressing our love of natural beauty and life itself.”

Elena Carné, the company’s designer, possesses a unique eye for color and design; coupling her talents with the use high-quality fabrics to produce beautiful leggings, capris, pedal-pushers, sports bras, shorts and tank tops that are created for fit and comfort.



Elena creates the opportunity to focus on the smallest of details in design and construction that will appeal directly with client’s customer base. Colors, patterns, features (paneling, pockets, etc.) can be designed, and redesigned, to meet customer desires and the market’s changing demands. “We call this desire to partner with our customers Design on the Fly“.69a8475


All products are designed, manufactured and shipped from Tepuy Activewear’s facilities in Americus, Georgia. This creates quick production turnaround from order to shipment given the US production operations.


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The New Way To Shop Online

Retailing has always been a tough business. The advent of online marketing and sales hasn’t made it an easier, only more open and democratic. The large brand names continue to overshadow smaller, more agile start-ups. But the advent of online marketplace sites is beginning to make the odds more even.

Such sites allow retail entrepreneurs to sell high-end goods to widely dispersed market. If you sell unique products, you may find it difficult to push them in traditional virtual venues. The exposure of your brand and the revenue intake of your company have no doubt suffered as a result.


However, a number of online marketplace vendors specializing in offering space to companies such as yours have recently emerged. They do the work of attracting the kind of traffic you need to sell the distinct goods that you have to offer.


You know there is a market for what you are selling. You should cease wasting time, money, and energy on sales and promotion strategies that do not work. Turn your attention instead to an arrangement that is custom-made for your business. Selling your products on a social marketplace site geared toward customers seeking unusual or highly-specialized goods is the first step toward improving the success of your business.

Hello Fall!


Embellished Blazer + Crop Top +Pants 



Embellished Blazer +White blouse + Snakeskin print Skinny pants



I’m in love with the snake skinny pants and the blazer 🙂 I’ve included the links bellow for some of the items that i featured in this post!

Do you like the looks? Comment bellow!


Stud Accented Fashion Blazer

Skinny Black Cappri Pants With Belt

Black Snakeskin Print Skinny Pants

Fold-over Collar Sleeveless White Blouse



Bensimon Diamonds Might Have Changed Engagement Rings Forever

Ron Bensimon from Australia might have cracked the code of engagement ring design. Turning the daunting task of picking the perfect ring and turning it into a unique moment that couples will never forget.

‘I found that most women said there was something about their ring they would change,’ Bensimon said in an interview. ‘I thought that the modern way to propose could be just with the diamond, and to design the ring together is a nice touch.’


From this came the design of Bensimon’s signature ‘diamond box’, a truly impressive case that houses the selected diamond for the proposal. The couple then work together to design the dream ring, giving women the chance to select and build something they will love for the rest of their life!

The Melbourne retailer’s highly customized service has been at the centre of multiple Australian celebs big moments, including Whitney Port and Nicole Trunfio! Being only a few of Bensimon’s clients, setting the stage on what’s possible when proposing to the one you love.


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DressedGPS: A Wardrobe That Simply Doesn’t End!

When you’re in college, you need an abundant supply of clothing to pick up your fashion game and dress well for every occasion. Be it a frat party, an interview for an internship, a part time job, or a fancy date, we all want to look good and trendy. But hey, dresses and clothes don’t exactly grow on trees, or do they?240_F_35985575_729zRn2qiFXlvyBmdJJIPvA4dV4Ei89f

Certainly not! They are expensive, and one has to spend precious money to wear them,
that is if they do not know about Yeah, that’s right. DressedGPS is the quickest and best possible solution to all your dress hunts. It is an opportunity to flaunt all the latest trends without spending hundreds of dollars.

DressedGPS is a student to student dress rental service that allows you to find the perfect dress for any occasion right on campus. It works on the principle of sharing is caring, and you will find that dress renting could not have been easier and exciting. The variety is fabulous, and all your demands for a new outfit will be met instantly!

Truly, DressedGPS is quite an innovation for those fashionistas who love flaunting new trends but hate to tie up a huge chunk of their money in brands and price tags. This is a great opportunity for fashion savvy brains to make some money by renting out their stellar wardrobe. Let the others enjoy a piece of your pie for a great price. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

It’s like the ultimate fashion dream of owning a never-ending wardrobe has come true without having to spend a bucket load of money. You can dress up for any occasion with any dress that strikes your fancy. All you have to do is scroll through the category of your choice, pick out the perfect dress, and notify the owner when and where to meet. The best part is that you’ll find the owner on your campus and as soon as you meet up and try it on, the dress will be yours for the next few nights!

Now, if you’re someone who has more dresses than the space in your wardrobe, this is a great opportunity to put all your unused assets to work, and earn yourself some bucks. Put them on DressedGPS, select a buyer of your choice and quote a price that best justifies the beauty of your dress. The process is incredibly simple, Untitled.png1and you get to choose who’ll wear your dress so you don’t have to worry too much about putting your precious clothes in the wrong hands.

So tell me, isn’t it exciting to finally be able to flaunt more dresses, styles, and trends that you actually have in your wardrobe? Gone are the days when your style statement was limited to what you had bought with your money. Rent out dresses on DressedGPS, and save hundreds of dollars throughout your college years! Even better? Make hundreds of dollars by renting out your dresses!





6 Chic Floral Dresses for Summer




  • Strapless fit and flare dress
  • Dainty print
  • Contrast waist and side trim

Model is 5’10”, wearing a size small.



Anything you choose to pair should be kept simple so that all attention can be on the Elegance! Except earrings, let the earrings say “hello” when you wear this beauty.

  • Stylish elegant jacquard dress
  • Half open back
  • Green floral print
  • Rounded neckline
  • 3/4 sleeve
  • perfect for cocktail night

Model is 5’10”, wearing a size smal

  • Floral flared dress
  • contrast side curved panel
  • Daisy pattern print
  • Low cutout back

Model is 5’9″, wearing a size small.

  • Trendy fit and flare short dress
  • Sheer mesh
  • Rounded neckline
  • Rosette panel design
  • Fully lined
  • Exposed zip back closure

Model is 5’10”, wearing a size small

  • Stylish sleeveless maxi dress
  • A-line cut
  • Pink and blue color
  • Rounded neckline
  • Skinny yellow belt
  • Deep V cutout back design

Model is 5’9″, wearing a size small

Country: Imported
Fabric Content: 65% COTTON 30% POLYESTER 5% SPANDEX

  • Stunning summer dress
  • Racer front short
  • Keyhole cut out
  • Cut out back
  • Beautiful multicolored floral print
  • Low open back detail
  • Slim, stretch fit

Model is 5’10”, wearing a size small.

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