​Change Up Winter

Winter can be a drab time fashion wise. Vibrant and fun colors are generally tossed to the wayside and darker shades become easier to wear and find. Somber colors such as black, brown and gray aren’t very inviting or interesting to the eye. Let’s try and add some punch to an otherwise dull winter wardrobe.

Larole.com has plenty of unique and sophisticated clothes to choose from. For cooler weather pants may be a more appealing choice. Our TOV Killer Black Printed Leggings are literally killer.

The embellishment takes this otherwise average legging up a notch with a retro design and decorative studs.

Who says patterns can’t be worn during winter? With our Women’s Classic Vertical Striped Button Up Shirt let the funky stripes do all the talking. This top works great with a neutral pant and some killer heels to wear all day and well into the night.A mod patterned pant might be that little something your closet desperately needs.

Our Eclectic Paisley Print Black White Pants host a leather waistband and chic paisley. You don’t need color to stand out and make an impression; this cute pattern will do just that.

Last but not least is the Larole Stud Accented Fashion Blazer.This sexy blazer features a zip closure and killer studs. The accents are just enough to add a touch of something and its totally unique. This is a great choice for work and play and can be worn year around.

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Date Night Outfit Tips From StyleLikeOurs.com

Dates can be nerve wracking to say the least and the last thing you want to stress over is what to wear. So we’ve teamed up with head stylist at new fashion brand StyleLikeOurs.com to get some inside tips on how to get your date night outfit sorted, stress free.


First things first, if you don’t know where you’re going, try to find out the dress code. There is nothing worse than turning up to an adventure date dressed as though you’re going to a black tie event.

Once you know the dress code, go through what you have in your closet. Dig out what will be suitable then keep out what you feel comfortable in. It is highly important to stay in your comfort zone, as you want to be as relaxed as possible; not worrying about pulling a dress down that keeps riding up or that you should of definitely bought that boob tape.

Lastly, if you’re purchasing a new outfit be sure to try it on in various lighting to make sure it compliments your figure and suits your style 100%

10 Tips to Looking Good in Photos

As much as we love photos, we can also hate them. Definitely you won’t admire a photo that displays the “terrible” you! Yes, I mean that creepy photo that does not qualify to be in your gallery.

Most of you wonder how these popular models achieve the amazing photo-looks, and probably you have been trying all sorts of smiles and postures at least to get one superb pic.

Don’t worry, we have 10 tips to help you become an exceptional photogenic.

1. Make up your eyes with mascara and curl the lashes so that they can twinkle as the flash of the camera hits them. You will absolutely draw attention of viewers with a wow factor, and some must say “wow, lovely eyes…”

2. Eyes remain the most targeted by viewers. Use a brow pencil to make up your brows, but don’t forget to match with your skin. However, dark brow pencils usually matches with almost every makeup, and it will appear lighter in the photos.

3. For those who blink due to camera flash, close the eyes as the photographer focuses, and slowly open them just before the shot. You will admire the photo, believe it!

4. To achieve a glossy character in your photo, make your hair shiny. A finishing spray can do the trick.

5. To look like a supermodel, position your body to one side and stare gently at the snapper. Don’t forget to put a hand on the hip in order to slim your posture.

6. To avoid your skin appearing too yellow, stand before a bright wall background to brighten your face. Worry not, the camera balances the contrast automatically.

7. Angling your body is a must! Turn your head almost past the shoulder to add flatter and some character of uniqueness in the photo.

8. Light can either add some sparkling quality to your photo, or just destroy it completely. Avoid standing behind the light, instead, face the light source to avoid strange shadows on your face.

9. Try several pictures. Two or three photos are not enough because you need to compare and choose the best. Photogenic people attempt as many photos as possible, and finally select a few killer ones.

10. Have a unique face posture. As the photographer prepares to make a snap, crack a joke or think of something and say it gently. It will leave an amazing pose!

Source: 10 Tips to Looking Good in Photos

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How to Plan Your Wedding Day Around Photography

Couples often ask, as they frantically scurry through their wedding planning marathon, feeling (and sometimes looking) like they’re going to pass out any minute from high elevation fatigue, how can they get the most out of their photographer on their wedding day? Albeit difficult to define what “getting the most” means, I usually come to the conclusion after a few probing questions to the bedgraggled couple, that they really want is both quantity and quality. Both of these can easily be achieved through some careful planning with their photographer. Here are some guidelines to follow when planning your day.

Location, Location, Location

First; location, location, location. Just like in real estate, location is paramount when creating wall-worthy, facebook-like-magnet, friend-envious, and mother-in-law-approved portraits. It should reflect the kind of setting you want for your pictures, whether it be urban, country, naturesque, or some other combination. Remember, you are looking for a location that compliments your personality and doesn’t take away from it. In every photograph, there is always a subject. On your wedding day, that subject should be YOU so don’t choose to go get a picture in front of the biggest ball of yarn in the world since the ball of yarn will probably bewhat most people see first in the picture. If you are the creator of the biggest ball of yarn, I retract that last statement. Actually not really… I digress.

Your photographer can certainly help you brainstorm some locations, but don’t rely on them exclusively. These are your photographs so make sure you have the final say as to where you are photographed. To make it easier on your photographer (and increase the quality of your photographs), try to pick a location that isn’t chock full of people unless you want them in your shot as well (photo bombers aren’t always creepy, just most of the time). You don’t have to choose some desolate abandoned drug house; your photographer can certainly crop a few people out of the picture easily enough, but trovesof tourists can end up taking more time at each location waiting for despondent spectators to move along. If possible, the location should also include a good foreground and background to nestle you betwixt. This isn’t something you should get all worked up about (remember you’re nearly dilapidated already), but keep in mind that your photographer will be looking for, and should be able to find nearly anywhere, with a little creativity.

Time Spent At Each Location

How much time do you spend at each location? Good question my young tenderfoot! Plan on at least 45 minutes at each location. There should be enough time to set up shots of just the bride, the bride and groom, and the whole wedding party. For the sake of the easily distracted wedding party, try to plan locations that have something for them to do while you’re off making them envious of your amazing shots. Maybe one nature location and then another with a bar, then one urban setting, then another with a bar, country, bar, naturesque, bar…you get the picture. Take into account levels of inebriation and adjust accordingly.

Transportation From Location To Location

How do you get from one location to the other? Consider renting a mini-bus or limousine depending on the size of your bridal party. The cost can easily be outweighed by more efficient travel times between locations, more control over the party, and circumventing the possibility of lost party members due to erroneous GPS directions. Remember, this is your day so eliminating anything that distracts from you is the key.

Consider the Weather

Please also consider the weather, climate, season, and time of day during your planning. Include backup locations so you can go inside if it’s too cold or too hot. Also consider the fact that it may be too sunny. Direct sunlight causes hard shadows that can distract from your photos. Make sure there is a building or trees close by to take refuge if necessary. Also, while browsing your favorite shots on Pinterest, please realize that many of them (especially those with the sun directly behind the couple) were actually taken at sunrise or sunset. Although photographers hold powers unable to be wielded by common mortals and can even turn pizza into super models (Google that one), they cannot move the position of the sun. I know that sounds obvious, but just take into account what time the sunset is on your wedding date and plan accordingly if you want one of those shots.

The Rewards of Planning

So what does all this planning give you? I’ve seen the number of photos able to be taken DOUBLE on a wedding day by having good planning and location selection. The quality and composition also yield much better results as there are only so many angles you can take of a couple in front of the biggest ball of yarn in the world.

I hope this helps alleviate some of the stress unavoidably related to wedding planning and yields you many great memories from your big day.

And remember, Say Cheese!

Written by Reid Bloomfield of www.reid.photography
Reid Bloomfield is the owner of Reid Photography LLC. Since 2009, he has taken thousands of shots of families and weddings alike. With a goal of making art out of life’s canvas, Reid tries to make every photo shoot unforgettable (in a good way).

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