DivaBitch Couture Live on Kickstarter!

Many of the most undeniable and frightening threats to global and environmental wellbeing stem from small, everyday actions of individuals scaled up to a societal scope. While the ecological crisis facing the current moment can be overwhelming, the truth is that individuals can make a difference by changing precisely these small practices that on a mass scale lead to global problems. A prime example of this kind of inspired and inspiring change is a bold new fashion design duo from Las Vegas–called DivaBitch


 Customers start by picking a design, altering it to their specific tastes, and then sending in old clothes that will then be utterly transformed into this new piece of clothing. Not only does this approach curb the wastefulness of the fashion industry, most of whose products end up in harmful landfills, but also DivaBitch promises customers a piece of unparalleled self-expression and offers a tangible reflection of their personalities.

 DivaBitch produces clothes that transcend traditional designs and gender boundaries to create wearable works of art that truly reflect their owner’s style and identity. The unprecedented freedom of DivaBitch’s designs makes it at the absolute cutting-edge of style and fashion today.

DivaBitch couture ‘s kickstarted 

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