How to Get Rid of Image Insecurities for Good

Even supermodels admit to having insecure days and it’s human nature to feel self conscious about the bits we don’t like about ourselves. This article is here to help you get rid of insecurities and increase your body confidence.

Banishing image insecurities

Ask anyone which part of their appearance makes them feel insecure about themselves and they’re guaranteed to highlight at least one feature and it’ll probably be something you didn’t even notice yourself. Some of us feel self conscious about our weight whilst others hate their nose or hide our teeth behind closed-lipped smiles. Insecurities affect all of us but there are ways to deal with them. These include:

Take action

If your insecurities affect the way you behave around other people or the way you feel when you look in the mirror, you might want to take measures to make the self-perceived imperfections less visible. For example:

  • Self-conscious about your teeth? Many cosmetic dental clinics such as Sparkle Dental Boutique provide treatments like veneers, discreet braces and teeth whitening to help you smile confidently.
  • Don’t like your pale skin? Try a spray tan or use a self tanning kit at home to give yourself the summer glow you crave.
  • Feel like you need to lose weight? Don’t starve yourself or go to any extreme measures. Simply exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet will see you on the road to success.

Please remember that although it’s okay to have insecurities, they shouldn’t rule your life. The above methods might help if you want to make a change, but remember that you have a lovely smile, your skin is perfect and you have a body to be proud of. Only make changes if you want to, don’t be influenced by others or do these things or feel like you need to look a certain way just because other people do. You are perfect as you are.

Avoid triggers

Even the most confident people can feel insecure when they witness triggers such as modeling campaign photographs and impossibly stunning snaps of bikini babes on Instagram. If you feel down about yourself when you see pictures like this on social media, step away from them. Deleting Facebook or Instagram will not only help you to only stay in touch with those that matter, it will also save you the difficulty of feeling inadequate and let you carry on with life enjoying the way you look and feel. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the photos we see online and in magazines use filters and programmes like Photoshop to gloss over imperfections, so the photo you’re looking at isn’t always as flawless as it looks.

See yourself in a positive light!

One of the biggest reasons for feeling insecure is our inability to stop comparing ourselves to others. The people we compare ourselves to have insecurities too, so learn to accept yourself as the beautiful person you are. For everything you don’t like about yourself, point out something you do like, you’ll find they make the things you don’t like insignificant!

Spend time with people who make you feel good

As we go through life, we realize the importance of true friendship. Stick with the people who highlight your positive characteristics, value your company and make you laugh. Cut out the negative people who try to bring you down, get one over on you or make you feel worthless in any way. It’s more important to have a close group of friends and family members than seeing how many friends or followers you can round up on Facebook and Twitter.

Stain Removal Tips: 5 Tips for Cleaning Clothing

Dealing with freshly stained clothing is just like getting a pimple: Your first instinct is a full-throttle attack until the unsightly blemish is gone.

But much like DIY extractions, non-strategized scrubbing can do more harm than good. “Some fabrics start to distort when you begin rubbing,” warns John Mahdessian, president of Madame Paulette cleaners (and he should know his company not only counts big brands like Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang as clients but also the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s costume institute). “Chaffing is also a possibility often it produces a flat surface where you see it has been rubbed. The best option is to take your items to the cleaners to have the stain removed properly.”

That said, you won’t always have the the time, money or patience to source out treatment. That’s when, according to Mahdessian, knowing the source of your spill is key. There are three major categories it can fall under protein-, earth- or oil-based and each responds to a different mix of chemicals, soap and water. You’ll find the tried-and-true formula for every possibility in the slideshow above, along with an easy rundown of which ones work for what.

Before you start blending, though, read on for John’s five-step method for lifting any unwanted mark:

1. Always start by testing the solution on a hidden seam or some inconspicuous area beforehand. That way if there’s any color loss, bleeding or fabric deterioration, you’ll catch it before the whole garment is ruined.

2. If the formula passes the test, move on to the actual stain. First you want to remove all excess residue from affected area by using a spoon or a similarly shaped tool.

3. Place a white towel or cloth underneath your spot of concentration.

4. Now that the prep work is done, you can start applying solution. This should be done by way of white fabric dipped in formula, which you’ll gently tap repeatedly to the mark in questionno excessive pressure or digging of fingernails, please!

As the stain begins working through the material, keeping adjusting the catch-all swatch from step #3 to a clean section. That keeps unwanted grime from redepositing.

5. After the blemish is gone, rinse it under water with a fresh cloth (in other words, not the one that just collected all the gook) and dry the wet ring by placing it under a unused towel while lightly dabbing it with another. Start from the center and move to outer areas in a circular motion.

Want to speed up the process? Use a blow dryer on warm and heat in the opposite direction: the outer areas firststill in a circular motionfollowed by the center.

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