Tips in Selecting an Image Consultant in Singapore

If you’re looking for an image consultant in Singapore then you should first learn how to find the best ones around. Although Singapore certainly has a lot of highly trained image consultants, you should also know how these professionals operate and what kind of services they have to offer.

Remember that image consultancy is a relatively broad field, and many Singapore-based image consultants have varying services, skills and strategies, many of which are designed for different people with different needs. Therefore, knowing how local image consultants conduct their businesses in Singapore can help you to find those specific services and expertise which are most appropriate for your needs. So there are certainly quite a few things to consider when searching for an image consultant in Singapore, and here are a few tips to help you along the way.
Look for an Image Consultant Who Has Plenty of Training

In order to get the best image consultants in Singapore, it’s important to look at how they are trained or what kind of skills and qualifications they possess. In addition to all the various aspects of image consultancy, most image consultants also often learn about the following subjects:
– Life Coaching
– Makeup Training
– Skincare Training
– Hairstyles and Hair Care Training
– Body and Facial Analysis
– Advanced Color Analysis
– Wardrobe Planning
– Personal Shopping
– Communication Skills Development
– Confidence Coaching
– Financial and Managerial Training on How to Run An Image Consultation Business

These are among the most important things that image consultants in Singapore learn. So if you want to hire one, make sure that they have undergone training in these areas, as they can tell you much about what kind of services to expect. Although most consultants offer multiple skills and services, it’s also important to remember that some of them will have certain specializations, so knowing what kind of skills you need most will help you to find a consultant that matches your particular needs.

Get an Image Consultant Who Constantly Updates His or Her Qualifications

Many Singapore based image consultants routinely update their training whenever new techniques become available. By undergoing additional image consultancy training, most image consultants are able to improve their careers and maintain their competitiveness in the Singaporean market, which is why they are often better than those consultants who don’t undergo retraining.

The real value behind retraining, however, is that it allows image consultants to go beyond the limits traditional services and offer a more holistic approach to their services. For example, more innovative forms of image consultancy strive to go beyond good appearance by also emphasizing each person’s full potential. Such an approach leads to a more comprehensive form of image consultancy and allows consultants to offer more value to their clients. So if you’re interested in more up-to-date techniques, look for a consultant who has regular updated training.

Find a Singaporean Image Consultant Who Can Help You Advance in Your Career

Singaporean image consultants play an important role in creating life changing results for their clients by improving their daily lives through their image. They can, for example, help them to choose what to wear, what kind of body language to use among certain people and even how to project a more assertive image. Furthermore, image consultants can help their clients’ careers and daily lives by making them more self-confident about themselves and their abilities, thus making them more assertive in the workplace.

In a competitive society, like Singapore, such services can help a lot of upwardly mobile people, because it allows them to more effectively interact with potential partners and associates. In other words, a good Singapore image consultant understands how Singaporean social and career advancement works, and such understanding can be quite evident in the kind of services that they offer.

Find a Consultant with the Right Credentials

A good image consultant possesses good credentials. A few good examples include a professional coaching skills certificate, a professional grooming certificate and a personal styling certificate.

There are all kinds of image consultancy-related certificates, so you might also want to ask your consultant how many such certificates he or she possess. As a general rule, the more certificates an image consultant in Singapore has, the more services, he or she has to offer, and that is generally a good thing.

Natural Skin Care Routine

Natural Skincare: Routine 101

If you’re not happy with your current skin care products, or are searching for that “one” to make your skin smoother and clearer. Stop.

We are going to share with you the best skin care tips that will help transform your skin for good. Let’s get radiant.


As I mentioned in Natural Skincare what you need to know,
your skin is designed to hydrate itself. It needs its natural oils in order to look moist
and supple. Many commercial cleansers have harsh chemicals that dry your skin. Look for cleansers that will remove dirt, make up and only a small amount of natural oils. Factor in your skin type and lifestyle. Your skin will thank you.

Start here:

  • Determine what type of skin you have (dry, normal, oily)
  • If you wear make up on a regular basis, you will want to find a cleanser for your skin type that removes makeup
  • If you are outdoors a lot, look for cleansers that will clean your pores of dirt, sweat and sunscreen

I am 50+ and have mixed dry and normal skin. I recently started to use my own natural ingredients. In the morning, I just use water, followed by a toner. But if my skin should feel particularly dry in the morning, I’ll wash it with Raw honey. You can get this in any health food store.

At night I’ll either use Raw honey or a mix of olive oil and jojoba oil. Rub into my face, let sit for a minute and wash off. My skin feels great after.
Consider following up your cleansing routine with a good toner.
If you have normal to dry skin, I suggest looking for ones that are water-based. Also highly recommended if you are in the sun a lot.

Brand names I personally like:

If you’re outdoors a lot:
Wear some sunscreen with a SPF of atleast 30. Stick with sunscreens that have zinc oxide as their main ingredient. Avoid sunscreens with propellants. Any good healthstore will have good nontoxic sunscreens. I personally use the brand, Badger.
Avoid these petroleum-derived ingredients:
(Many cosmetic companies love to use petroleum-derived ingredients because they are cheap.)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate  Continue reading “Natural Skin Care Routine”

Natural Skin Care Information

Natural Skincare Information: What you need to know:

What is beautiful skin?

The media and internet constantly flood us with images–most of it Photoshopped–of what is ideal beauty. Its almost always youthful, wrinkle-free, clear skin, and radiant. All good and mostly attainable goals believe it or not. We don’t all have personal hair stylists and makeup artists following us around.
But the cosmetic industry likes to make it look like they have the answer in their product…. the “magic”.that will bring us “the look.”

It’s truth time. WE have the magic… all of us.  Forget all the ads and commercials you’ve seen. Real beauty is a holistic integration of nutrition, topical and lifestyle. It doesn’t come in a bottle.

Let’s first look at our largest organ… our skin.
Given a balanced system — every organ in the body can take care of itself. Your body is designed to maintain stasis. If you cut yourself it will begin the process of healing–without our interference. Even if you re-injure the same cut or pick over the wound, your body will start to “fix” it.  Its designed to do that. But..  the more you contribute to injury the longer it takes to heal, and the harder it is for your body to create the balance it needs.

Our skin is our body armor. It guards the underlying muscles, bones and internal organs. It’s our first line of defense for resisting bacteria, viruses and pollutants so it plays a major role in immunity. It’s protects against internal water loss or gain. Other functions are temperature regulation, insulation, vitamin D synthesis. It’s also filled with glands that provide its own hydration. Isn’t that an amazing organ? When we pollute our body with toxins, externally or internally, we are contributing to what I call “chronic injury”.

Be selective about the products you use on your skin.
Synthetic ingredients can cause imbalance.  Our skin can absorb up to 60% of anything that we put on it. Look at the ingredients of the creams and lotions you use. Look for products
with ingredients you can pronounce and recognize.

Skin hydration is important. But first, know that your skin is naturally designed to do that.
You have sebaceous glands that produce a substance called sebum that hydrates the skin.

  • If you have dry, scaly skin, try using a natural emollient product, one that has olive or other vegetable oils in it.
  • Emollients form a protective layer of moisture right above the skin’s surface.

Consult with a dermatologist if you have any serious skin condition or anything you feel concerned about on your skin.
But also be selective about the doctor you choose. Try to find a doctor that works holistically and can guide you towards natural skin care products and not just “medicine” when a transition is appropriate for your situation.  Obviously, if you are dealing with deeply serious situation, like cancer, follow your doctor’s protocol. But investigate into natural and complementary products that can help create the balance your body needs.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors in skincare.
What do you eat? Remember that your skin,  like all your other organs, depends on nutrients to function properly. The healthier you eat, the better the whole body system functions. I’m a big avocate of eating organic vegetables and fruit, and organic free-range hormone-free and antibiotic-free animal products. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible. If you’re budget can’t afford the entire grocery list to be organic, try to add as much as you can afford. The more you can avoid toxins from the inside and outside, the better your skin and whole body health. Again do your best to follow these basic guidelines:

  • Eat organic and non-GMO vegetables and fruit as much as possible
  • (if you’re an omnivore) Eat organic, free-range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free animal products, and (with fish) wild caught
  • Drink atleast 8 cups of water a day

Lifestyle is also very important especially the older you get.
What are your daily habits? Consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes on a regular basis age you more quickly.  If you want your skin to look better… ask yourself this:
how do you treat yourself everyday? Examine: habitual:

  • Thoughts: negative or positive
  • Stress management
  • Consumption (eating, drinking, etc)

Do you exercise? Or is there any physical activity like walking your dog that you enjoy? Enjoyment is very importment. There’s nothing more life-enchancing than true joy and happiness. Remember THOUGHTS can be toxic too and habitual toxic thoughts can be more poisonous than smoking, drinking and eating fried foods 24/7.

So let’s get going on your good skincare routines.

Source: Natural Skin Care Information

What Are Parabens?

Most of us have heard about parabens or have seen labels on personal care products that claim: No Parabens. But what are they and why are they considered “bad”?

Раrаbеns are synthetic рrеsеrvаtіvеs. They аrе lіstеd undеr multірlе nаmеs аnd аrе usеd tо рrеsеrvе thе mајоrіtу оf соsmеtісs оn thе mаrkеt tоdау, nоt оnlу tо рrеvеnt thе grоwth оf bасtеrіа аnd fungі but аlsо tо рrоmоtе thе аbnоrmаllу lоng shеlf-lіfе оf рrоduсts.

Аs wіth the food industry where most processed foods are сhеmісаllу рrеsеrvеd, раrаbеn рrеsеrvеd соsmеtісs еnsurе thаt thе mаnufасturеr саn рrоduсе thе рrоduсt еn mаssе аnd tаkе соmfоrt іn а multі-уеаr shеlf lіfе.

But here’s the rub, pаrаbеn рrеsеrvаtіvеs hаvе rесеntlу соmе іntо quеstіоn wіth nеw studіеs thаt lіnk thе dаіlу ехроsurе оf раrаbеn рrеsеrvаtіvеs tо brеаst саnсеr аnd еndосrіnе-dіsruрtіоn іssuеs.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the skin absorbs a lot. Think about how nicotine patches and birth control patches are used to administer a drug via the skin surface. What do you think happens when you put parabens on your skin day after day?

Where are they?
Раrаbеns аrе sуnthеtіс рrеsеrvаtіvеs thаt hаvе bееn іn usе sіnсе thе 1920s аs “brоаd-bаnd” рrеsеrvаtіvеs (аntі-bасtеrіаl аnd аntі-fungаl) whісh mеаns thаt thеу wоrk wіthіn а fоrmulа tо рrеvеnt thе grоwth оf multірlе роssіblе соntаmіnаnts suсh аs bасtеrіа, уеаst, mоld аnd fungі. Тhеу саn bе fоund іn аррrохіmаtеlу 75-90 реrсеnt оf соsmеtісs suсh аs mаkе-uр, lоtіоn, dеоdоrаnts аnd shаmрооs. Ассоrdіng tо А Соnsumеrs Dісtіоnаrу оf Соsmеtіс Іngrеdіеnts, wаtеr іs thе оnlу соsmеtіс іngrеdіеnt usеd mоrе frеquеntlу thаn раrаbеn рrеsеrvаtіvеs. Раrаbеn іs thе fаmіlу nаmе fоr thе fоllоwіng реrmutаtіоns оf thе іngrеdіеnt fоund оn а соmmоn рrоduсt іngrеdіеnt lаbеl:

  • Вutуlраrаbеn
  • Еthуlраrаbеn
  • Меthуlраrаbеn
  • Рrоруlраrаbеn
  • Веnzуl-раrаhуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd (р-hуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd)
  • Меthуl-раrаhуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd (р-hуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd)
  • Еthуl-раrаhуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd (р-hуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd)
  • Рrоруl-раrаhуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd (р-hуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd)
  • Вutуl-раrаhуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd (р-hуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd)
  • Раrаhуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd (р-hуdrохуbеnzоіс асіd)
  • Раrаhуdrохуbеnzоаtе (р-hуdrохуbеnzоаtе)

Тhе Раrаbеn Соntrоvеrsу Lіnkеd tо Вrеаst Саnсеr
Тhоugh раrаbеn рrеsеrvаtіvеs оnlу ассоunt fоr а vеrу smаll реrсеntаgе оf а рrоduсt’s асtuаl fоrmulа thеу аrе quіtе роtеnt. А studу рublіshеd іn thе Јоurnаl оf Аррlіеd Тохісоlоgу іn 2004 ехрrеssеd соnсеrn rеgаrdіng thе usе оf раrаbеn рrеsеrvаtіvеs. Іn thе UΚ, rеsеаrсhеrs fоund trасеs оf іt іn 19 оut оf 20 wоmеn wіth brеаst tumоrs. Тhоugh thе studіеs dіd nоt dеtеrmіnе іf thе іngrеdіеnt wаs thе саusе оf thе brеаst tumоrs, іt dіd еstаblіsh thаt реrvаsіvе usе оf thіs sуnthеtіс іngrеdіеnt іs bіосumulаtіvе.

Роssіblе Еndосrіnе Dіsruрtоrs
Тhе еndосrіnе sуstеm іs іnstrumеntаl іn rеgulаtіng thе bоdу’s hоrmоnеs. Раrаbеn рrеsеrvаtіvеs аrе bеlіеvеd tо mіmіс thе fеmаlе hоrmоnе еstrоgеn whеn іntrоduсеd іntо thе bоdу. Ассоrdіng tо rесеnt rеsеаrсh, mоrе thаn 60 реrсеnt оf tорісаllу аррlіеd сhеmісаls vіа соsmеtісs, lоtіоns, еtс. аrе аbsоrbеd bу thе skіn аnd dіsреrsеd thrоughоut thе bоdу bу thе blооdstrеаm. Оnсе аbsоrbеd іntо thе bоdу, раrаbеn рrеsеrvаtіvеs mіmіс thе hоrmоnе еstrоgеn аnd саn dіsruрt thе bоdу’s nоrmаl hоrmоnаl bаlаnсе.

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7 ways to start dressing with confidence

Your dressing gains the minus points as soon as you step out of your confidence zone. If you are not confident about whatever you are wearing, your attire is a complete zero. No matter how much cash you have spent on it; confidence is what makes you look chic and classy. No confidence? Your dressing is surely going to waste and oh your money as well. So just before you spend dollars on something, judge yourself whether you have the confidence you wear it or not! And if not, then maybe you need some confidence kickers.

7 Confidence Kickers for Dressing

Dressing is all about you and if you know your thing than confidence boosts up by itself. Here are some confidence kickers which will make you gain confidence in your dressing.

1.Your Colors:

The best tip is to know what looks good on you! The biggest factor which makes you look best is knowing what color is best for you. Facial tones play an essential role in this. Mostly fair toned people like warmer colors and people with dark features are attracted to soft and spring colors.


People who don’t consider their body shape while buying or dressing, are the ones who stay uncomfortable all the time. Flattering your curves is an art and if you know what suits your body shape, then you will be the most confidently dressed lady amongst a crowd.

3.Let your Strength Play:

Everyone has a feature that is their strength. Once you get to know your strength, you can play the stronger game with. Body shape also plays an essential role as a lot of people’s strength lies in it. If your eyes do the magic, then you can complete your attire by playing hot with your eye makeup.

4.Everyone has a personal style:

Everyone has a style which suits them the best. If you know your style, then that is what will boost your confidence from all the corners of you. Your outfit is what defines your style. Dressing up according to what looks best on you will give you a sense of confidence and self-possession as well. If you know you are looking good than nothing can stop you from looking the best.

5.Dress according to the occasion:

The biggest time of uncomfortableness is dressing wrong. Always go according to the occasion. If you are out of the lot, then your confidence will obviously break down and knowing your style or playing with your strength won’t help you even. It will only break your confidence. Dress up by keeping the occasion in mind.


Gunmetal & Glamour Pants

Dressing with confidence does not ask you to step out of your comfort zone. Staying within what you are comfortable with is going to boost up your dressing confidence the most. If you like shorter things, then you will be most confident in carrying them. If you don’t like tighter shirts, then you will lose all the confidence in the bin. So know your comfort level and play within it.

7.Positive Vibes:

You might think that I am crazy but yes thinking positive also reflects in your dressing. If you are positive about what you are wearing, then you are surely going to be confidence. Loving your body and being confident about it, is what will make your appearance count.

Source: 7 ways to start dressing with confidence

All About Soy Candles

Soy candles are made from soybeans which is a natural and renewable source grown by farmers. They are a clean alternative to paraffin candles which are made from petroleum, a non-renewable source that contains carcinogenic substances. A soy candle made from soy wax releases little soot unlike paraffin candles where a significant amount of soot is released. This soot tends to stick on the walls and other item in your home.

What is Soot?

A soot is a solid particle that results from the incomplete combustion. Paraffin candles have ‘petro-carbon soot’ not found is soy wax. We all know how dangerous petroleum is for the environment. Petroleum releases compuonds that can even cause cancers and respiratory disease like asthma in the human body. Let’s not forget the global problems related to petroleum products, like petroleum being in limited supply, and not being a renewable resource. Burning petroleum products also creates air pollution and contributes to global warming.

About Soy Candles

Soy candles are candles made from soy wax, which is a processed form of soybean oil. It directly helps American farmers too. When you buy soy candles the profit share goes to the soybean farmers unlike the case of paraffin candles where profit goes to the cash-rich petroleum companies.Soy candles last much longer than their paraffin counterparts because soy has a much slower burning time. So you may pay more initially when you buy them but you won’t have to buy them often. They burn evenly with little to no wasted wax. The good news is that soy wax spills clean up easily with soap and water, and we all know how difficult it can be to clean paraffin wax spills.Soy candles have a great scent-throw which fills the room with long-lasting scent. The scent is stronger and more pleasant than the paraffin ones. This is because soy wax has a lower melting point than its counterparts. There is alsoa a larger amount of the liquid wax pool around the candle wick itself. It is from this liquid wax pool and the wick itself that the essential oils evaporate into the atmosphere.

Source: All About Soy Candles

How to Get Rid of Image Insecurities for Good

Even supermodels admit to having insecure days and it’s human nature to feel self conscious about the bits we don’t like about ourselves. This article is here to help you get rid of insecurities and increase your body confidence.

Banishing image insecurities

Ask anyone which part of their appearance makes them feel insecure about themselves and they’re guaranteed to highlight at least one feature and it’ll probably be something you didn’t even notice yourself. Some of us feel self conscious about our weight whilst others hate their nose or hide our teeth behind closed-lipped smiles. Insecurities affect all of us but there are ways to deal with them. These include:

Take action

If your insecurities affect the way you behave around other people or the way you feel when you look in the mirror, you might want to take measures to make the self-perceived imperfections less visible. For example:

  • Self-conscious about your teeth? Many cosmetic dental clinics such as Sparkle Dental Boutique provide treatments like veneers, discreet braces and teeth whitening to help you smile confidently.
  • Don’t like your pale skin? Try a spray tan or use a self tanning kit at home to give yourself the summer glow you crave.
  • Feel like you need to lose weight? Don’t starve yourself or go to any extreme measures. Simply exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet will see you on the road to success.

Please remember that although it’s okay to have insecurities, they shouldn’t rule your life. The above methods might help if you want to make a change, but remember that you have a lovely smile, your skin is perfect and you have a body to be proud of. Only make changes if you want to, don’t be influenced by others or do these things or feel like you need to look a certain way just because other people do. You are perfect as you are.

Avoid triggers

Even the most confident people can feel insecure when they witness triggers such as modeling campaign photographs and impossibly stunning snaps of bikini babes on Instagram. If you feel down about yourself when you see pictures like this on social media, step away from them. Deleting Facebook or Instagram will not only help you to only stay in touch with those that matter, it will also save you the difficulty of feeling inadequate and let you carry on with life enjoying the way you look and feel. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the photos we see online and in magazines use filters and programmes like Photoshop to gloss over imperfections, so the photo you’re looking at isn’t always as flawless as it looks.

See yourself in a positive light!

One of the biggest reasons for feeling insecure is our inability to stop comparing ourselves to others. The people we compare ourselves to have insecurities too, so learn to accept yourself as the beautiful person you are. For everything you don’t like about yourself, point out something you do like, you’ll find they make the things you don’t like insignificant!

Spend time with people who make you feel good

As we go through life, we realize the importance of true friendship. Stick with the people who highlight your positive characteristics, value your company and make you laugh. Cut out the negative people who try to bring you down, get one over on you or make you feel worthless in any way. It’s more important to have a close group of friends and family members than seeing how many friends or followers you can round up on Facebook and Twitter.

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