Bensimon Diamonds Might Have Changed Engagement Rings Forever

Ron Bensimon from Australia might have cracked the code of engagement ring design. Turning the daunting task of picking the perfect ring and turning it into a unique moment that couples will never forget. ‘I found that most women said there was something about their ring they would change,’ Bensimon said in an interview. ‘IContinue reading “Bensimon Diamonds Might Have Changed Engagement Rings Forever”

DressedGPS: A Wardrobe That Simply Doesn’t End!

When you’re in college, you need an abundant supply of clothing to pick up your fashion game and dress well for every occasion. Be it a frat party, an interview for an internship, a part time job, or a fancy date, we all want to look good and trendy. But hey, dresses and clothes don’tContinue reading “DressedGPS: A Wardrobe That Simply Doesn’t End!”

6 Chic Floral Dresses for Summer

      Strapless fit and flare dress Dainty print Contrast waist and side trim Model is 5’10”, wearing a size small.     Anything you choose to pair should be kept simple so that all attention can be on the Elegance! Except earrings, let the earrings say “hello” when you wear this beauty. Stylish elegantContinue reading “6 Chic Floral Dresses for Summer”

Lumavera Skin Care

About Lumavera Lumavera, comes from the Latin words for light (“lumen”) and truth (“veritas”). Created by former California farmer David Vargas, Lumavera bottles his mother’s native traditions to offer consumers a natural yet luxurious skin care line. David’s mother used prickly cactus pear and superfoods to feed her family and treat their skin. Naturally, David’sContinue reading “Lumavera Skin Care”


Women’s bomber jackets are extremely trendy this year. They are available in many different styles, sizes. If you want a jacket that will make a statement about your style, then women’s bomber jackets are right up your alley this year. Since their introduction, women’s bomber jackets have grown in popularity. Of course, they are notContinue reading “BOMBER JACKETS GO PERFECTLY WITH CHUNKY BANGLES”

Lemonade Glitter Makeup Collection

This season it’s all about the must-have sparkle and of course it begins with the ultimate Lemonade Make Up Glitter Eyes and Glitter Lips Collection. Mix and match beautiful shades of Glitter Lips in Hot Red, Bubblegum Pink, Copper and many more. Choose the best shade for your eyes colour from the Lemonade’s wide selectionContinue reading “Lemonade Glitter Makeup Collection”

Dinosaur Bone Rings by Hileman Silver Jewelry

What could be more unique than a set of dinosaur bone wedding rings as a lasting symbol of your love and commitment?  These Dinosaur bone rings  are handcrafted in sterling silver, stainless steel and 14 karat gold. These unique rings are handmade by the Hileman family in Arizona. They offer dinosaur bone wedding bands, engagement rings, bridal setsContinue reading “Dinosaur Bone Rings by Hileman Silver Jewelry”