Lemonade Glitter Makeup Collection

This season it’s all about the must-have sparkle and of course it begins with the ultimate Lemonade Make Up Glitter Eyes and Glitter Lips Collection.

Mix and match beautiful shades of Glitter Lips in Hot Red, Bubblegum Pink, Copper and many more. Choose the best shade for your eyes colour from the Lemonade’s wide selection of Glitter Eyes too – Jade Green, Midnight Blue, Smokey Temptress.






10 Tips to Looking Good in Photos

As much as we love photos, we can also hate them. Definitely you won’t admire a photo that displays the “terrible” you! Yes, I mean that creepy photo that does not qualify to be in your gallery.

Most of you wonder how these popular models achieve the amazing photo-looks, and probably you have been trying all sorts of smiles and postures at least to get one superb pic.

Don’t worry, we have 10 tips to help you become an exceptional photogenic.

1. Make up your eyes with mascara and curl the lashes so that they can twinkle as the flash of the camera hits them. You will absolutely draw attention of viewers with a wow factor, and some must say “wow, lovely eyes…”

2. Eyes remain the most targeted by viewers. Use a brow pencil to make up your brows, but don’t forget to match with your skin. However, dark brow pencils usually matches with almost every makeup, and it will appear lighter in the photos.

3. For those who blink due to camera flash, close the eyes as the photographer focuses, and slowly open them just before the shot. You will admire the photo, believe it!

4. To achieve a glossy character in your photo, make your hair shiny. A finishing spray can do the trick.

5. To look like a supermodel, position your body to one side and stare gently at the snapper. Don’t forget to put a hand on the hip in order to slim your posture.

6. To avoid your skin appearing too yellow, stand before a bright wall background to brighten your face. Worry not, the camera balances the contrast automatically.

7. Angling your body is a must! Turn your head almost past the shoulder to add flatter and some character of uniqueness in the photo.

8. Light can either add some sparkling quality to your photo, or just destroy it completely. Avoid standing behind the light, instead, face the light source to avoid strange shadows on your face.

9. Try several pictures. Two or three photos are not enough because you need to compare and choose the best. Photogenic people attempt as many photos as possible, and finally select a few killer ones.

10. Have a unique face posture. As the photographer prepares to make a snap, crack a joke or think of something and say it gently. It will leave an amazing pose!

Source: 10 Tips to Looking Good in Photos

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