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About Lumavera

Lumavera, comes from the Latin words for light (“lumen”) and truth (“veritas”).

Created by former California farmer David Vargas, Lumavera bottles his mother’s native traditions to offer consumers a natural yet luxurious skin care line. David’s mother used prickly cactus pear and superfoods to feed her family and treat their skin. Naturally, David’s skincare is deeply rooted in earth’s beauty secrets.

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Lumavera Skincare delivers unprecedented results by blending virgin botanical extracts with advanced molecular technologies. Lumavera products contain NO parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, harsh synthetic chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances.

The Secret For a Youthful Skin!

You would never guess by looking at her, but the beautifully radiant Irene Michaels just turned 70!

As an entertainment journalist, she continues to enjoy a successful career in the industry, reporting from the red carpet for major events like the Academy Awards, the Tonys, the Golden Globes and more.

Her endeavors have now extended to I On The Scene, a website she created that covers culture and society and featuring exclusive content featuring the best of fashion, travel, cuisine and music. I On The Scene also includes one-on-one talks with some of the biggest names in the music, film and fashion industry. From Al Pacino and Bruce Dern, to Quentin Tarantino and Cindy Crawford, Irene’s list of interviews is quite extensive and continues to grow. Recent interviews and content include Polo champion and Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras as well as highlights from Sundance Film Festival, Men’s Fashion Week and the GRAMMYs.


Irene began her career as a dancer and model, eventually using her talent and business expertise to open her own modeling agency, Show Time. As an actress, she landed a recurring role on General Hospital in the 90s before deciding to embark as producer creating her own work through her company Behind The Scene. In 2004 she created a second production company, IMA Contractors, which specializes in rehabbing vintage home in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

After years of being in front of the camera, Irene has amassed an arsenal of beauty, health and skincare tips from movie stars, public figures and those in the know. Her major beauty secret, the one that keeps her glowing on and off the screen, is a combination of a healthy diet and a miracle ingredient found in her I On Youth Collection Roll-On Serumhyaluronic acid. The Brightening CC cream has a SPF 20 and is paraben-free.

“If I didn’t believe in this product line, I wouldn’t have developed it,” she tells us from her home in Chicago. “It is the foundation of my skincare routine. The deeply hydrating serum is a must for keeping skin balanced and comfortable. The hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring element, binds moisture to the collagen fibers in your skin, which means your face is instantly moisturized without the heavy texture of goopy lotions and creams. Use it after your cleansing routine and before you put on any cosmetics. You’ll notice a difference immediately!”

Consumers are giving the product 5-star reviews. It has also been showcased on the television program, You & Me This Morning, in the Huffington Post and was just recently featured as “magic in a bottle” in Life & Style Weekly Magazine, alongside the gorgeous Eva Longoria.


“I am especially excited that the serum comes as a roll-on. The stainless steel roller is cool to the touch and allows for precise application so that no serum is wasted. It is so much more convenient than a dropper or spray – especially when you’re jet-setting all over the place. I already love mine, and I know you will, too,” explains Irene.

Along with the roll-on serum, the I On Youth Collection now includes a color correcting cream, which blurs imperfections, reduces the appearance of age spots, offsets wrinkles and brightens skin. It also serves as a protector against UVA rays with a SPF 20.

The I On Youth Collection is available at Amazon. Order yours today!

Homemade Natural Skin Care Products

Homemade Natural Skin Care Products

Are you ready to create your own natural skin care products at home? Need more ideas? If you are, you probably know that Mother Nature can readily provide what your skin needs
internally and externally.

It’s important to know what’s in your skin care products as you become aware and more healthful and want to avoid certain chemicals. Even if you want to experiment, try stuff out
or just have fun, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!

Remember stick with organic ingredients! 
Below is a list of ingredients that you can easily buy from the grocery store and use for preparations or  as stand-alone items to care for your skin:

Massage oil suggestions
All the oils listed below make great massage oils. Some are thicker than others and have stronger scents.  Play with what makes the most sense for your needs and fits your budget

  • Grapeseed
  • Sunflower
  • Safflower
  • Peanut
  • Sesame
  • Avocado
  • Coconut

Cucumber is packed with antioxidants and compounds that soothe inflammation.
It is used to reduce swelling and dark circles around the eyes. It also has a great cooling

  • Apply sliced cucumber after a long day of sun exposure
  • Also… try  drinking a cucumber drink with mint.
  • It’s simple. Put peeled cucumber with a couple sprigs of mint in your blender !

Tomatoes contain lots of antioxidants and have great properties: Continue reading “Homemade Natural Skin Care Products”

Natural Skin Care Routine

Natural Skincare: Routine 101

If you’re not happy with your current skin care products, or are searching for that “one” to make your skin smoother and clearer. Stop.

We are going to share with you the best skin care tips that will help transform your skin for good. Let’s get radiant.


As I mentioned in Natural Skincare what you need to know,
your skin is designed to hydrate itself. It needs its natural oils in order to look moist
and supple. Many commercial cleansers have harsh chemicals that dry your skin. Look for cleansers that will remove dirt, make up and only a small amount of natural oils. Factor in your skin type and lifestyle. Your skin will thank you.

Start here:

  • Determine what type of skin you have (dry, normal, oily)
  • If you wear make up on a regular basis, you will want to find a cleanser for your skin type that removes makeup
  • If you are outdoors a lot, look for cleansers that will clean your pores of dirt, sweat and sunscreen

I am 50+ and have mixed dry and normal skin. I recently started to use my own natural ingredients. In the morning, I just use water, followed by a toner. But if my skin should feel particularly dry in the morning, I’ll wash it with Raw honey. You can get this in any health food store.

At night I’ll either use Raw honey or a mix of olive oil and jojoba oil. Rub into my face, let sit for a minute and wash off. My skin feels great after.
Consider following up your cleansing routine with a good toner.
If you have normal to dry skin, I suggest looking for ones that are water-based. Also highly recommended if you are in the sun a lot.

Brand names I personally like:

If you’re outdoors a lot:
Wear some sunscreen with a SPF of atleast 30. Stick with sunscreens that have zinc oxide as their main ingredient. Avoid sunscreens with propellants. Any good healthstore will have good nontoxic sunscreens. I personally use the brand, Badger.
Avoid these petroleum-derived ingredients:
(Many cosmetic companies love to use petroleum-derived ingredients because they are cheap.)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate  Continue reading “Natural Skin Care Routine”

Natural Skin Care Information

Natural Skincare Information: What you need to know:

What is beautiful skin?

The media and internet constantly flood us with images–most of it Photoshopped–of what is ideal beauty. Its almost always youthful, wrinkle-free, clear skin, and radiant. All good and mostly attainable goals believe it or not. We don’t all have personal hair stylists and makeup artists following us around.
But the cosmetic industry likes to make it look like they have the answer in their product…. the “magic”.that will bring us “the look.”

It’s truth time. WE have the magic… all of us.  Forget all the ads and commercials you’ve seen. Real beauty is a holistic integration of nutrition, topical and lifestyle. It doesn’t come in a bottle.

Let’s first look at our largest organ… our skin.
Given a balanced system — every organ in the body can take care of itself. Your body is designed to maintain stasis. If you cut yourself it will begin the process of healing–without our interference. Even if you re-injure the same cut or pick over the wound, your body will start to “fix” it.  Its designed to do that. But..  the more you contribute to injury the longer it takes to heal, and the harder it is for your body to create the balance it needs.

Our skin is our body armor. It guards the underlying muscles, bones and internal organs. It’s our first line of defense for resisting bacteria, viruses and pollutants so it plays a major role in immunity. It’s protects against internal water loss or gain. Other functions are temperature regulation, insulation, vitamin D synthesis. It’s also filled with glands that provide its own hydration. Isn’t that an amazing organ? When we pollute our body with toxins, externally or internally, we are contributing to what I call “chronic injury”.

Be selective about the products you use on your skin.
Synthetic ingredients can cause imbalance.  Our skin can absorb up to 60% of anything that we put on it. Look at the ingredients of the creams and lotions you use. Look for products
with ingredients you can pronounce and recognize.

Skin hydration is important. But first, know that your skin is naturally designed to do that.
You have sebaceous glands that produce a substance called sebum that hydrates the skin.

  • If you have dry, scaly skin, try using a natural emollient product, one that has olive or other vegetable oils in it.
  • Emollients form a protective layer of moisture right above the skin’s surface.

Consult with a dermatologist if you have any serious skin condition or anything you feel concerned about on your skin.
But also be selective about the doctor you choose. Try to find a doctor that works holistically and can guide you towards natural skin care products and not just “medicine” when a transition is appropriate for your situation.  Obviously, if you are dealing with deeply serious situation, like cancer, follow your doctor’s protocol. But investigate into natural and complementary products that can help create the balance your body needs.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors in skincare.
What do you eat? Remember that your skin,  like all your other organs, depends on nutrients to function properly. The healthier you eat, the better the whole body system functions. I’m a big avocate of eating organic vegetables and fruit, and organic free-range hormone-free and antibiotic-free animal products. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible. If you’re budget can’t afford the entire grocery list to be organic, try to add as much as you can afford. The more you can avoid toxins from the inside and outside, the better your skin and whole body health. Again do your best to follow these basic guidelines:

  • Eat organic and non-GMO vegetables and fruit as much as possible
  • (if you’re an omnivore) Eat organic, free-range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free animal products, and (with fish) wild caught
  • Drink atleast 8 cups of water a day

Lifestyle is also very important especially the older you get.
What are your daily habits? Consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes on a regular basis age you more quickly.  If you want your skin to look better… ask yourself this:
how do you treat yourself everyday? Examine: habitual:

  • Thoughts: negative or positive
  • Stress management
  • Consumption (eating, drinking, etc)

Do you exercise? Or is there any physical activity like walking your dog that you enjoy? Enjoyment is very importment. There’s nothing more life-enchancing than true joy and happiness. Remember THOUGHTS can be toxic too and habitual toxic thoughts can be more poisonous than smoking, drinking and eating fried foods 24/7.

So let’s get going on your good skincare routines.

Source: Natural Skin Care Information

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